Flexible Use Of Airspace (ASM-FUA) (002)
Airspace MGT
Flexible Use Of Airspace (ASM-FUA) (002)
The Flexible Use of Airspace Concept (FUA) has been adopted by ICAO as a tool for enhancing the efficiency and safety of civil aircraft operations whilst maintaining national defence and military training requirements. As a result, the ICAO...
Performance Based Navigation (PBN) European Concept (PBN001)
Airspace MGT
Performance Based Navigation (PBN) European Concept (PBN001)
PBN is one of several enablers of an Airspace Concept. The others are Communications, ATS Surveillance and ATM. The PBN Concept is comprised of three components: The Navigation Specification, the Navaid Infrastructure and the Navigation...
ADS-B / Multilateration
Airspace MGT
ADS-B / Multilateration

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